THE BREAK: A High School Summer Experience


    • Venture Church

      Hey Michelle! No lock-in (sleepover) this year. Here’s the tentative schedule:

      July 20th Wednesday
      8:30am Registration
      9:00am Intro to camp
      9:20am Leave for Ramona
      10:00am Paintball
      12:00pm Lunch
      2:00pm La Jolla Shores
      6:00pm Tacos
      7:00pm Session 1
      9:00pm End of day 1

      July 21st Thursday
      9:30am Coffee with interns
      10:00am Session 2
      12:00pm Service Project
      2:00pm Chick Fil A
      2:30pm Session
      Rock Climbing
      6:00pm BBQ
      7:00pm Session 3
      9:00pm Worship Encounter
      10:00pm End of day 2

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