James Parker

James was raised in Prescott, Arizona, where he met his wife, Maren. He and Maren have two little boys: Henley and Benson (who are young enough to still think his dad jokes are funny).

Studying music in college, James finished an internship and got connected to Cornerstone Church, where he served nine years as the full-time worship pastor. He is also the San Diego area director for Likewise Worship. Likewise is a nonprofit ministry that develops healthy and humble worship leaders. James was licensed as a pastor in 2019 through the EFCA. 

James grew up in Church, but discovered in Highschool that God is more concerned with our heart and having a relationship over a religion (Matt. 15:8-9, James 4:6-8). Times of corporate worship with the Church played a huge part in James understanding God’s grace and truth.

The Parkers felt God’s call to the San Diego area in 2020 and they are honored to join what God is doing here at Venture!

Bands: Colony House, CASS, and Phil Wickham. 
Worship song: Firm Foundation, Build My Life.
Sports: Basketball, snowboarding, and now surfing.
Book: Managing Leadership Anxiety by Steve Cuss (can’t recommend this enough!).
Bible verses: John 10:10, Romans 12:1, Galatians 1:10.

Venture Español Pastor
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Youth Pastor
Garrett Lawley