Venture Español

Venture Español

Andres and Patty have been married since 2012, and both have been serving in ministry. God has blessed them with two amazing daughters, Madeline and Emily. Together, as a family, they love serving Christ and serving others. The family loves traveling, especially Madeline and Emily. Andres has a bachelor’s in theology and a master’s in social (MSW) and works as an investigator with the Health & Human Services Agency, County of San Diego.  

The Perez family, especially Andres, has lived in Encinitas most of their lives and loves their community. Andres is honored to be part of the Venture Team and to help spread the gospel in San Diego North County, especially the Hispanic Community. Andres Prays that Venture Español continues growing and shaping into a mature church where people find a place of belonging, inspired to help others find and follow Jesus.

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