Heart Commitments

Heart Commitments

Below is a list of commitments that go beyond music, because worshipping
God includes giving our full lives as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). If you have
any questions or concerns, please contact James@venturechurch.tv.

We hope this list isn’t intimidating, as we are all imperfect people who
need God’s grace. But this is what we have committed to as a worship
community—& vow to continue in.
We are praying that the greater San
Diego area would see our love, & notice something different: finding God’s
love. This makes our commitments very special & important.

• I confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior, & I want to live for Him the
rest of my life!
• I realize that serving at Venture is not something that saves me: grace
alone does, a gi” from God that I need. I am serving out of obedience
and passion for God, with the skills/gi”s/talents He has given me.
• I commit to following through on weekends where I agree/confirm to
serve (except in cases of emergency). If my plans change, I will contact
my leader with at least 7-14 days of notice, & will try not to make this a
habit for the sake of the team & the Church.
• I commit to taking time to prepare for Sundays—including doing my best
to protect the team rehearsals on Wednesdays I’m scheduled—bringing
excellence before Jesus & “His Bride,” the Church.
• While Christ is the ultimate head/leader of the Church, I commit to
following the leadership at Venture and working with others as a
team/“one body”.
• I’m not just here to be on a stage, but to live life with and be in
community with God’s Church (His people) here at Venture.
• One of the visions of Venture is to have everyone growing by being a part
of the following three areas (taken from Scripture):

  1. Gather (Sunday gatherings)
  2. Grow (with a grow group)
  3. Go (joining a go group like the worship team & #LoveThe760).
    If possible (seasons of life happen) I will try to get involved in these areas.
    Note: not a requirement, but a goal.
  • Overall I realize that being on the worship team makes me a leader, & I
    vow to follow Christ & surrender to His Word to the best of my ability, with
    His strength in my weakness—for His glory, power, & honor!