Livestream Production

Livestream Production


– Livestream Director: Creates the final video that gets sent out to the livestream. This involves choosing which 1 of the 4 camera angles to display at that moment, making sure the in-house feed for media and sermon points/verses look correct, and directing the camera operators when changes are needed.

– Camera Operator: A camera operator will be in charge of assuring the cameras are set where they’re supposed to be, and are tracking the subject (singer/speaker). Listening to the Livestream Lead on where the camera needs to be focused on in that moment, tracking movements, and adjusting exposure if needed.

– Livestream Audio Engineer: Mixing the worship and speaker (pastor) audio live for our online church livestream. Assuring each worship song is mixed appropriately, that pastor sound levels are accurate, and are tracking for transition points.

– Livestream Host/Moderator: Welcome the Venture family to our gatherings, engage with others via chat, answer any questions, reply to prayer requests, and post links/details when things are mentioned during the service (i.e. giving links, connect card, events, etc…). This position can be done remotely from home.

– Social Media Content Creator: Grabbing content on Sundays to add to Venture’s Instagram story. Worship, atmosphere, pastor speaking, volunteers, smiling faces, etc… With a few guidelines, very easy to help curate content for Venture’s social media platforms. In addition to Sundays, the ability to be able to help collaborate with the social media team for posts during the week.