Safe Families

Safe Families

Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by compassion to keep children safe and families intact. Through Host Families, Family Friends, and Family Coaches, we temporarily host children and provide a network of support to families in crisis while they get back on their feet.

For more information about Safe Families, or to get involved, please email safefamilies@venturechurch.tv.


Safe Families FAQ

  • How is Safe Families different from Foster Care?
    • Safe Families is a ministry that partners with churches to provide temporary care for children whose families are in a crisis situation. The main distinction is that the guardian(s) is voluntarily seeking help for their kids as well as proactively trying to better their situation. Foster care, on the other hand, involves a situation where the children are being removed from the guardians due to unsafe circumstances. 
  • What is the process for becoming a certified Host Family?
    • There is an application form to be completed as well as a Live Scan fingerprint report, for background check purposes. This is followed by an online training (approximately 8-10 hours) and an in-home study with a representative from Safe Families (1-2  hours).
  • How long will I be required to keep the children, as a Host Family?
    • The length of stay varies and is typically anywhere from a few days to 6 weeks. The Host Family, however, always has the ability to decide what length of time works for them. 
  • What if we get certified to be a Host Family but then decide that it’s not a good time for us?
    • No problem! Your certification does not “expire.” Being a Host Family is completely dependent on the season you’re in. You’re availability to host will ebb and flow depending on your personal or family circumstances. In those seasons that you are not up to being a Host Family, you can always provide support as a Family Friend – or just take a break too if needed. 
  • Is it okay to be a Host Family if we already have other kids?
    • For sure! Being a Host Family with Safe Families is a great way to serve and love others as a family unit. Your kids will be beyond blessed by the experience.
  • I would love to get involved with Safe Families, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be a Host Family.
    • That’s ok – there are many other ways to be involved! Our Family Friends and Resource Friends both provide support to our Host Families. Resource Friends do anything from dropping off meals to donating items or clothing to purchasing gift cards. Family Friends provide an additional level of support by completing a background check; this just means they are available to babysit or transport the host children if needed.
  • Can I start out as a “Friend” and then sign up to be a Host Family later?
    • Absolutely! All levels of support are welcome and needed and our desire is for you to do what’s comfortable for you and/or your family.
  • Is there somewhere I can go to learn more about Safe Families in general?