Process for Joining the Worship Community

Process for Joining the Worship Community

Our Three Part Process

  1. Chemistry Check Meeting: After filling out the info form, someone will
    contact you regarding scheduling a meeting with two-three of our
    leaders. This meeting is to get to know you, answer any questions you
    might have, and talk about your interest in joining the team. We will send
    you a separate document with two worship songs for you to prepare (for
    band members). The next step is scheduling the audition portion.
  1. Shadow/Training: If the chemistry check is a fit for both you and our
    team, a time will be worked out with you to “shadow” a week.
    Shadowing consists of getting familiar with our team culture, and can
    include any needed training. We rehearse Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00pm,
    and call time for Sundays is 7:00a (ready for sound check). Shadowing is
    done in an effort to equip you with the knowledge of how things
    currently operate on our team & give you a chance to meet the team
    before serving with responsibilities. We require one week of shadowing,
    but you can shadow as many weeks as you’d like, before serving.

  1. Dive Into the Culture (Roughly 10 Services): The last part in our process
    is we ask you to attend Venture Church for around ten services (note: you can attend Venture 1.0 & Venture 2.0 instead). We encourage you begin steps one and two in the meantime (chemistry meeting & shadowing), but it’s important to us that you call Venture home before you start serving in a leadership role for a service: which includes most roles from the platform/stage. Right now, we have three Sunday gatherings, so this part of the process can happen as quickly as attending a few weeks (all gatherings). We trust you in keeping track of this rough timeline.