Worship Training Resources

Worship Training Resources

We hope the resources are a blessing to you. If you have any
issues accessing them, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want
you to be set up for success!

1.) Youtube Click & Track Practice Files
• These files are the exact files that will be used for the chemistry check. We hope
they are helpful for you to have in advance to prepare with. We look forward to
worshipping with you! Simply click below and practice along to prepare:

2.) The Worship Initiative (“WI”)(www.theworshipinitiative.com)
• Includes tutorial videos to help learn the song faster. In our general rotation, the song version might be slightly different, but it always gives a huge head start for ideas on how to play a song. For this chemistry check, feel free to learn it as closely to the tutorial as possible. Or just use it for inspiration to bring a foundation of the song.
• Check out “craft training,” for video courses about specific instruments, including vocals and even production. Not a requirement before the chemistry check!
• An awesome final resource from WI is their “heart training,” which
includes devotionals to help grow spiritually.
Username: worship@venturechurch.tv
• Password: VentureChurch (with a capital “V” & “C”)

Once logged in, click here for a site tour.

3.) Lower Key Versions of Songs (for singers)

• These songs are one full step lower than the original (two half steps lower), but let us know if you’d like to try lowering them more. Every voice is different, and we want to find the key that lets you lead most comfortably!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can email James@venturechurch.tv.