Electric FAQ’s

Electric FAQ’s

What Parts Do I Learn?

For both lead electric or rhythm electric, we recommend using the training resources page to look at the second resource: The Worship Initiative videos. There are usually multiple videos with ideas for guitar parts, and we recommend putting together a combination of guitar parts. For lead electric, focus mainly on riffs and triads (smaller chord shapes and additions). For rhythm electric, focus on chords and dynamics (when to drop out, or when to build).

What Gear Do I use?

We’ve made the decision to keep our electric guitar “direct,” meaning no live amps at this time. “Direct” used to be a cuss-word in the electric guitar world! But direct solutions have progressed like crazy, and we provide a solution. We have two Strymon iridiums, which is the easiest transition to digital from the amp world, in our experience. Whether it’s Kemper, line 6 helix solutions, or others, the digital world is taking over live music because of the consistency and dependability.

We also have an in-house pedalboard that you are welcome to use, pictured below (link to a larger photo here). If you’ve never gone “direct” before, we recommend setting up a time to come in and dial in a tone you like with your guitar, so you can feel comfortable. You can play the in-house board, or you can plug your own gear into one of the iridiums. If you don’t have a pedalboard, we can train you on the basics of the in-house board in one session together.

In-House Pedalboard, available to use: