In-Ear Monitors, Click, Multi-Tracks, & Cues

In-Ear Monitors, Click, Multi-Tracks, & Cues

Our team uses in-ear monitors along with click tracks, multi-tracks, and cues.
However, we have some team members who had little to no previous
experience in these areas before our team. We’ve compiled some info for
you below:

• “In-ears” are simply earphones or headphones to plug into our equipment to
monitor your playing. They allow us to prevent stage noise from floor
monitors, as well as allow us to use a click track. You can either bring your
own earphones (any should work) or use one of the few pairs we make
available for anyone who doesn’t have any.

• “Click” refers to a metronome sofware that allows our team to stay in
perfect time, as well as allows us to fill in our sound with multi-tracks.

“Multi-Tracks” are subtle backing tracks that most studio albums have been
created with. We feel this allows us to connect a quality of music that our
culture has experienced as normal. We believe that click and multi-tracks are
great tools but should never be crutches.

• “Cues” are connected with the click track, and are quick vocal recordings
that give you a one measure count-in before the next section. For example,
you would hear “chorus, 2, 3, 4” one measure before.

Training: Make sure to check out the training resources page to practice with the exact click tracks we’ll use for the chemistry check.

Please let us know if you’ve never worked with click, multi-tracks, &/or cues,
as well as in-ear monitors. You’re more than welcome to come in & test out
what they’re like before auditioning. We want you to feel comfortable &
prepared, just like our teams for Sundays.

We’ve found it’s an adjustment at first, but everyone on our team has come to value these tools.

You can email James@venturechurch.tv to set up a time to do this.