Vocalist Clarity

Vocalist Clarity

Which Key to Sing In?

Please let our team know what key you’d like to sing each song in, so the
range best fits your voice. Make sure to check out the training resources page, resource number three, to see a lower key option. We can help you with this, so just let us know if you need help finding what keys work best.

What are the vocal requirements for singing on this team?

Pitch. While we don’t need everyone to be a professional singer, we do need the ability to hear and sing “on pitch.” Meaning, you can match notes and prevent “sharpness” or “flatness.” We believe this is mainly something God gives when you’re born, so God still loves to hear us worship either way! But for leading the Church in the mic, we do require pitch to prevent distraction. A good rule of thumb for self-awareness with pitch is asking family. They hear us sing in the car and around the house!

One New Step

For vocalists, we’ve recently added one step before your chemistry check: to send in one 3o-60 second clip of you singing to this dropbox link. Can be any song, and it doesn’t matter if it’s video or just audio, vertical/horizontal. Any basic singing clip is great. This allows our vocal leaders to hear you sing a little!

Different Opportunities for serving with vocals:

  1. Worship Wall: similar to a choir, but the focus is on the heart of worship
    and basic singing on pitch is all that’s required. We don’t currently have
    this, but we intend to launch one in the near future.
  1. BGV: Background vocalist. A more solid skill of singing on pitch is
    required, and an understanding of both melody and basic harmony is
  1. Song Leader: The beginning requirement is to start on BGV (the best
    song leaders first understand how to support in a background role). Also, a solid understanding of rhythm is required to lead a song. Note that moving from BGV to song leading is not required. We have team members who prefer to sing BGV. If you are open to it, we would love to help equip you and encourage you toward song leading!
  • If you audition for BGV or song leader, prepare to sing harmony for at least
    one song. We recommend using “The Worship Initiative (WI)” to learn the
    harmony (under “training resources” page). These resources allow you to solo out harmonies and learn them! For this setup, guys should sing harmony on What a Beautiful Name, and ladies should sing harmony on Reckless Love.
  • When to sing harmony. We recommend using the album recording (and/or
    the WI resources to know where/when to sing). Start with learning the
    harmony for the chorus and bridge (where applicable), adding in subtle
    additions to verses where needed. The beauty of harmony is that it layers and
    doesn’t need to be included the entire song.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can email James@venturechurch.tv.