Leadership Pipeline: We have a big value for developing and raising up
leaders. Jesus told us to “go and make disciples” and we love finding people
with the heart to serve/lead like Jesus! Whether it’s worship leading, music
directing, or overseeing responsibilities on the team like connecting our
team in community, there are lots of opportunities to grow and lead here in
the Venture Worship Community!

• Dress Code: We try not to overthink our dress code! Just be yourself. Our overall goal is to keep ourselves from becoming a distraction, as we point people to the Lord, so modesty and humility are our guiding principles. Here are a few guidelines to help prevent distractions:

  1. Remember you’re on a raised platform, so people’s lines of sight are from below you (ask yourself, “What is head height for others?”).
  2. Think intentionally. We have a mixed culture from chill surfers to business executives. “Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed” is an easy filter for selecting your wardrobe.
  3. If you have any questions, the best thing to do is simply text one of our leaders so we can have your back!

• Frequency: People serve anywhere from most weeks in a month, to once a
month. We can make a note of your unique needs, so please let us know how
frequently you’d like to serve with us.

• Sunday Time Commitment: The average time commitment for Sundays is 5 hours, from 7:00a-12p. Because of this, we include drinks and snacks
to support our amazing team.

• Labor: While we are gathering outside, we have a more setup and teardown
than usual. We have team members who li” the heavy items, so most setup is
simply plugging in cables and we will help with any training.

• Song schedule: We’ve recently shifted our culture forward, to have worship
songs confirmed and ready to practice about two weeks in advance.

• Age Requirement: Most positions on our team don’t currently have an age
requirement. Please see the “heart and commitments” page to think
through your child’s maturity. We value raising up students to serve the Lord
and love having them on the team!