Venture Worship Community – Chemistry Check

Venture Worship Community – Chemistry Check

Hello and thanks for your interest in serving with us at Venture! We value
culture and community on our team, so instead of calling this part of the
process an “audition” we are testing out a new season of calling it a
“chemistry check”. We want to make sure we are a good “fit” for you,
and visa versa, both musically and relationally.

The musical goal of our process is to simulate a Sunday morning worship
set. We try to keep things casual as this is not American Idol or the Voice!
Our team’s purpose is engagement: we want to give people the chance
to engage God, because that’s where transformation happens.
excellence is a beautiful call from the Lord, the heart of worship is where
it all starts and we are pumped to connect with you. If we’d like you to
improve in some area, our leaders will be lovingly honest. In most cases,
we can pair you up with someone who can help raise you up. Please
contact our Worship Pastor, James, with any questions or concerns at

Timeline & Chord Charts
• On average, our current culture is to have worship songs confirmed and
ready to practice two weeks in advance. Because of this, the ideal time to
schedule a chemistry check is two weeks away, so you can prepare.
• The worship music section lasts as long as the songs: around 10-15 minutes. If we haven’t been able to set up an in-person meeting with you yet, we’d ideally love to block out another 15 minutes to hear more about you and answer any questions!

• You are more than welcome to use our iPads for chord charts/lyrics. Just let us know and we can set this up for you in advance. We try to memorize as much as we can, to engage as best we can, but it’s just a challenge for each other (not a requirement!).

•You can find the chord charts below, under setlist charts, to practice.


• Song One: What A Beautiful Name, by Hillsong Worship

• Song Two: Reckless Love, by Cory Asbury